Dear Clients,

Processing crypto (cryptocurrency) and MLM (multi-level marketing) cases can be time-consuming for several reasons:

  1. Complexity of Cases: Legal cases involving cryptocurrencies and MLM often tend to be exceedingly complex. Cryptocurrencies involve specific technological aspects such as blockchain technology, digital signatures, and security protocols. This demands a careful understanding from experts in the fields of cryptography, finance, and information technology.
  2. Regulatory Issues: Cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new technology, and regulations concerning them can be unclear or differ across various jurisdictions. This can lead to complications and delays in the process as parties need to align with different laws and regulations.
  3. Transaction Analysis: Cryptocurrencies are inherently pseudonymous, meaning that user identities are usually hidden behind digital addresses. Uncovering these addresses and analyzing transactions can be demanding and time-consuming, especially when attempting to trace financial flows and connections to other actors.
  4. International Aspects: The MLM and crypto markets often have international connections, further complicating legal proceedings. Different laws, cultural differences, and language barriers can hinder the resolution of these cases.
  5. Scope of Cases: In some instances, MLM and crypto cases can involve a large number of individuals, companies, and institutions. A significant amount of evidence, testimonies, and discovery material may prolong the time required for case processing.
  6. Technical Issues: In cryptocurrency cases, technical problems may arise, causing delays, such as technical errors, hacking incidents, or difficulties in accessing funds within the blockchain.
  7. Lengthy Proceedings and Appeals: Legal proceedings can be protracted, and further delays may occur if one or both parties file an appeal against the court’s decision.

The Jubilee Group criminal case exhibits all the aforementioned characteristics. In our work, we had to address all the factors listed. To assist the prosecuting attorney in advancing the resolution of this criminal matter, we have decided to forward the criminal report to Europol.

Europol  (European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation), is a European agency aimed at enhancing cooperation among law enforcement and criminal justice authorities of the European Union (EU) member states to better combat crime and ensure the security of EU citizens.

Dear clients, we want to assure you that within the legal scope granted to us, we are committed to taking all necessary actions in your best interest to bring this legal matter to a satisfactory resolution.

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law