Dear Clients,

On July 3rd, 2023, the self-proclaimed spokesperson of the Jubilee Group, Mr. Bobby Low, published the following content on his Telegram group:

  • “ Rcmfx have just finished filing for insolvency. We will await from auditors to provide us with their liquidation report. Then we will understand how much funds are there balance with them.”

We have consistently expressed doubts about the accuracy of information coming from both official and unofficial representatives of the Jubilee Group. We have provided clear reasons for holding this stance, which remains unchanged. As a precautionary measure and in the best interest of our clients, we closely monitor developments from all sides. In the interest of keeping you informed, we present this announcement verbatim.

We anticipate that the insolvency report will be made public if it is to be released at all. As your representatives, we will formally request to receive this report, and if any compensation is offered, we will submit claims on behalf of our clients.

This does not affect the ongoing criminal case, except in the scenario where all the represented victims are adequately compensated. Once each of our clients has received their due restitution, we may withdraw from the initiated criminal proceedings.

If you are a victim of this alleged fraud and have not yet reported your claim, you may still do so through our DefendMe platform.

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law