Dear Clients,

In our previous communication, we informed you about the actions we have undertaken in relation to Europol with the primary goal of expediting the resolution of this case. We anticipate progress.

Having monitored the activities of the owners, organizers, and promoters of the Jubilee Group, we would like to provide you with the following information:

The self-proclaimed spokesperson of the Jubilee Group, a certain individual named Bobby Low, has organized a Telegram group under the name “Bobby Support Group.” Through posts on this group, he promised to provide financial reports regarding the bankruptcy of Jubilee Group and RCM, which did not materialize. In the meantime, he promoted a new project named “AVML INTERNATIONAL” within the territory of South Korea, wherein he offers the following:

To quote:

“Select and subscribe to a range of available campaigns. Join AVML International.

AVML International holds exclusive rights to assets that generate sustainable and profitable returns.

Campaigns are designed as a means for clients to engage with core assets that generate revenue within a short, fixed period.

This enables clients to have flexible access to their funds at regular short intervals without interfering with AVML’s operational requirements.”

Dear clients, exercise caution. All activities of Jubilee Group are aimed at prolonging the case and evading criminal and material responsibility. Do not accept any potential compensation offers or new projects that require further investments.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law