Dear Clients,
We want to update you that the process of contacting and interviewing the victims is ongoing, based on the information available to us. Considering the significant number of victims involved in this case, the prosecutor will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine how many victims will be interviewed. Once the prosecutor has collected sufficient information from those interviews to proceed, the case will advance to the next stage.
Following the interviews with the victims, the prosecutor can take various actions in the criminal proceedings, depending on the specific case circumstances and the applicable laws in a particular jurisdiction. These actions may involve initiating further investigative measures to gather additional evidence. Such measures could encompass interrogating suspects, conducting financial inquiries, securing physical evidence, and engaging in other pertinent activities.
Once the prosecutor has accumulated sufficient evidence, they will proceed to file charges.
A critical phase in the legal process, particularly in cases involving financial crimes, is the financial investigation. During this stage, an inquiry into financial transactions, accounts, and other financial activities related to the ongoing case is initiated. This type of investigation is commonly utilized in situations involving cybercrime, financial fraud, corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, and other criminal offenses that have financial elements.
Dear clients, it is crucial that if you are contacted by the police and the prosecution to provide your testimony, you prepare evidence of your financial transactions with the Jubilee Group and associated individuals promptly and provide a clear explanation. It is of utmost importance to detail how false promises from the accused members of the Jubilee Group and their promoters influenced your decision to invest in a non-existent arbitration.
We are following the progress of events with great enthusiasm.
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law