3Key and Lyra Newsletter No. 65

by | May 17, 2024 | Lyra | 0 comments

Dear Clients,

As you know, we’re managing the 3Key Lyra case alongside the Jubilee Ace, Jenco, and GTR cases, collectively referred to as the Jubilee Group. Our investigations have unveiled a connection between these cases. Considering that the Jubilee Group case was initiated earlier and is currently in an advanced stage of investigation, it would be beneficial to associate the 3Key Lyra case with it.

In today’s newsletter, you will find another excerpt from the criminal complaint in the Jubilee Group case that we have written and submitted in different jurisdictions. Below is a part of that criminal complaint:

… Through these deceptive practices, the victims were misled and repeatedly invested their funds, which were deposited into the company’s accounts under the direct control of the perpetrators. The perpetrators, operating within the capital markets through Jubilee Group, Jubilee Ace, Jenco, Aqua Lab, and GTR, acted on their own behalf without the necessary licenses and authorizations to function as intermediaries in brokerage activities. They falsely represented to the victims that they possessed such licenses, fully aware that these permits were required for their business activities.

The victims, upon investing their funds and becoming clients and investors, were denied access to their money and accounts, and they were unable to withdraw their investments. Initially, the perpetrators made payments in the form of Bitcoin, as they lacked the necessary authorizations from competent banking institutions to make cash payments.

To be continued…

The actual names of the perpetrators and other sensitive information are redacted for this public announcement due to the fact that it might negatively impact required investigatory and judicial work.

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law