Dear Clients,

Over the past week, we have conducted an intensive investigation into the interrelation between the ongoing Jubilee Group case and the 3Key/Lyra case. Our findings indicate that the same organizers are implicated in both instances. Notably, in the 3Key/Lyra case, additional personnel were introduced to cultivate a greater sense of trust among Korean members.

As a result of our collaborative efforts with distinguished journalists, some of whom work for the Guardian newspaper, in exposing 3Key/Lyra in Europe, they have now engaged new promoters for South Korea.

Our investigation is geared towards linking the 3Key/Lyra case with other existing cases with the objective of expediting the judicial process. This approach will lead to a considerable reduction in the duration of the case. Our team is optimistic that we will be able to provide substantial evidence in a timely manner, allowing for a faster resolution of the case than is typical.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law