Dear Clients,

During the current week, the DefendMe attorneys, in conjunction with a Croatian lawyer who is a member of our team, conducted meetings and made a visit to the District Attorney’s Office in Zagreb. The purpose of the visit was to submit a set of additional documents that supplement the existing evidence with respect to the actions of the suspects in the Jubilee Ace/JENCO/GTR fraud case. This step was taken to further strengthen the case and ensure that all relevant information is provided to the authorities responsible for investigating the matter. The team has dedicated their efforts to ensure that the submission of evidence is comprehensive and thorough.

We have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the 3Key Lyra case and integrated it with the existing Jubilee Ace/JENCO/GTR case. It is advantageous that we are consolidating this case with an ongoing one, resulting in significant time savings.

We had several days of very constructive discussions in Zagreb regarding the current status of the case and the directions we can take.

We can only disclose that the case is still in the investigation phase, where the prosecutor’s office is reviewing the information provided in the criminal complaint and independently gathering evidence necessary for prosecution.

Although we are eager to expedite the criminal proceedings that would result in the detention of the accused individuals, we understand that due to the complexity of the case, the investigation phase is critical. It is during this stage that a comprehensive assessment of the situation can be conducted, as the prosecutor’s office reviews the information provided in the criminal complaint and independently gathers evidence necessary for prosecution. We recognize the importance of exercising patience during this process, given the intricate nature of the case. Our team remains fully committed to ensuring that justice is served, even if that means taking the necessary time to complete a thorough investigation.

During this phase, the complete operation is thoroughly planned and subsequently executed simultaneously across various locations in multiple countries. It is noteworthy that there is no established legal framework mandating a specific timeline for completion. These decisions are made by the prosecutor. 

The DefendMe team is consistently present, offering assistance and cooperation, and informing the prosecutor’s office of any new circumstances and information that we gather on a daily basis, with the comprehensive support of the affected clients.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law