Dear Clients,

Below you will find more information about this case:

Description of culpability: J.C. conducted a presentation of the 3Key Lyra project and entered into contracts with victims. He created a false impression that the investments were real in order to deceive the victims and persuade them to invest money in something that was not a genuine business venture. He sent the contracts to the victims via the Telegram application. According to the victims’ statements, the lawyer has knowledge that J.C. resides in the United States. The contract that this company signed with clients does not contain the legally required elements that every financial investment must include. It does not state the exact name of the company, tax identification number, registration number, exact office address and headquarters of the company that is concluding the contract, the name and surname of the responsible person, the telephone number of the company and the telephone number of the responsible person, and the company email address. The jurisdiction of the court in case of a dispute is also not specified.

Through this conduct, the responsible individuals deliberately misled the victims about business operations for which they did not have the required permits and approvals.

Last week, we received some information about the current whereabouts of the suspects, which is now being verified.
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law