Dear Clients,
After submitting a criminal report to the Singapore Police in this case, we have not yet received any feedback.
I would like to inform you about why cases of crypto fraud cannot be resolved quickly and what measures we are taking to enable the fastest possible resolution for our clients:
General reasons are known:
These include the complexity of the technology used by fraudsters, identity concealment, varying jurisdictions, a large number of victims, challenges in collecting timely and resource-intensive evidence, the non-public availability of user identities in crypto transactions, and the burden on law enforcement due to a high volume of cases.
Clearly, the 3key and Lyra case meets the aforementioned criteria, classifying it as a complex case. This obliges us to redouble our efforts to resolve this matter.
We are exploring whether the Lyra entity can be prosecuted in the USA based on jurisdiction. Jurisdiction can be established if there are victims from the USA, and if 3key and Lyra have any address or have conducted any financial operations within the territory of the USA. We are gathering evidence regarding such activities in the case.
Based on our experience, we assert that international Cyber Crime cases are most effectively handled by the American judicial system. Their agencies are the most technically and professionally equipped and efficient. Therefore, we strive to collaborate with them whenever possible.
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law