Dear Clients,

Here is an example of the procedures followed in an ongoing case referred to as “ASGARD & Olympus Prime,” which bears some resemblance to our case. We provide you with this information to illustrate the initial stages of the prosecutorial and judicial investigation.

Europol announced on January 12, 2023, that the police and judicial authorities from Serbia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Germany, with the support of Europol and Eurojust, have initiated an investigation into organized criminal groups involved in online fraud related to cryptocurrency investments.

The entire case is currently in the investigative phase. It is estimated that the charges, which could potentially encompass between 150 and 200 individuals in Serbia alone, are being explained by the high-tech crime prosecutor from Belgrade.

Over twenty financial investigations are being conducted to trace money flows, freeze financial assets, seize real estate, luxury cars, watches, and other luxury goods. The figure of 127,000 potential victims pertains to the companies ASGARD and Olympus Prime, both headquartered in Belgrade, which are the focus of the investigation.

This is a global fraud case, explained by the prosecutor for high-tech crime. Victims come from Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Japan, and other unspecified countries. The financial damage is estimated at 7 billion dollars. This number represents the total turnover of funds that was visible on the screens of the Olympus Prime company at the time of the raid.

The fraudulent investment scheme was designed to lure clients into investing, in this case, in cryptocurrencies and trading on the stock exchange through fake platforms that simulate market movements. Those who invest money gain the impression that they are buying cryptocurrencies and earning money based on alleged trading of these companies. In this phase of the investigation, over 80 different fraudulent investment platforms associated with ASGARD and Olympus Prime have been identified, according to the prosecutor for high-tech crime.

Dear Clients, We have forwarded this information to you to inform you that the prosecution and the police are actively working on cases of cyber fraud. This encourages us to believe that our 3Key Lyra case will have its legal conclusion as well. Justice is slow but attainable.

Zoran Miljakovic

Attorney at Law