Dear Clients,

We are pleased to inform you that progress has been made in the criminal case of Jubilee Group being conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Croatia. The Prosecutor’s Office is calling upon the victims of this significant fraud to provide testimonies regarding the events. This case is related to the 3Key Lyra case, which we have previously reported on. 3Key Lyra is an extension of the Jubilee Group fraud that did not gain traction in Europe due to our preventive actions. However, it has caused substantial damage in South Korea. At the time, we were unaware that 3Key and Lyra were active in Korea. If we had known, we would have certainly prevented them from deceiving people.

As these two cases are interconnected, everything happening in the Jubilee Group case also contributes to resolving the Lyra case. We will take the opportunity to include claims from the 3Key Lyra case. Additionally, we are independently pursuing this case if it leads to faster results.

Attorney at law
Zoran Miljakovic