Dear Clients,
The initiation of pre-investigation police actions in the Jubilee Group case, particularly given its personal connection to the 3kay Lira case, has increased optimism among the victims of this alleged fraud. We have received numerous messages of support, encouraging us to stay committed on this difficult path. These messages have also given us extra motivation in the office.
Regarding the current status of affairs, we’ve been receiving numerous inquiries about the compensation payout procedure, so let me provide some clarification:
Investigation Phase: Gathering information is conducted by the prosecution and police. The investigation was initiated on the basis of the criminal report we have submitted. We are closely monitoring each step. During this stage, the prosecutor has the authority to seize assets obtained through criminal activities.
Indictment Phase: The prosecutor has verified the existence of the criminal offense and filed charges against the suspects. Confiscated assets remain frozen.
Trial Phase: Multiple hearings take place where defense lawyers present their arguments, the prosecutor outlines the charges. Our role is to protect victims’ interests through the whole process, mainly focusing on the compensation claims.
The Verdict and Potential Appeals Phase: The court issues a verdict, which can be challenged by the convicted individuals, their defense attorneys, and the prosecutor. If dissatisfied with the court’s decision on victim compensation, our representation also has the option to file an appeal.
Compensation Disbursement Phase: Once the verdict becomes final, mandating the compensation of victims and releasing seized assets for victim restitution, we proceed with the implementation.
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law