Dear Clients,
You are undoubtedly familiar with our joint management of the 3Key Lyra case alongside the previously initiated Jubilee Group case. We are capitalizing on the advantages and resources from the Jubilee Group case. Here is the latest news.
Last week, we completed a submission for the Cybercrime department of the Generalstaatsanwaltschaft Bamberg in Germany. In the submission, we provided a detailed description of the Jubilee Group case, supporting it with additional evidence and new facts that we continue to receive from the victims of this alleged global fraud.
As we have already informed you, a criminal case has been submitted in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, in Bamberg, Germany, and at Europol’s Cybercrime Department
At the beginning of our work on this case, we faced a significant challenge in presenting it as a global case deserving resolution, given the large number of victims and the substantial amount of money stolen from them. Therefore, we made efforts to initiate action from multiple entities and succeeded in involving Europol.
Our current goal is to provide evidence and information to all judicial institutions where this case has been submitted, in order to facilitate the police in gathering evidence and influence coordination among judicial institutions in different countries.
Our greatest effort now is to expedite the resolution of the case so that you, our clients, can recover your hard-earned money that was deposited in good faith to the fraudsters as soon as possible.
We anticipate new progress in the case and good news
Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law