Dear Clients,

As you already know, we are handling this case in conjunction with the Jubilee Ace and Jenco, GTR (all together known as the Jubilee Group) cases. Investigations have revealed that both cases are connected. Since the Jubilee Group case was initiated first, and the investigation is in an advanced stage, it is advantageous for us to link the 3Key Lyra case to it.

Below is a part of the criminal complaint:

Victims, citizens of the Republic of Croatia:

EVIDENCE No. 3: Excel spreadsheet containing victims’ information who are citizens of the of Croatia on 06.05.2022

The total unlawful financial gain achieved at the expense of the victims who, up until the filing of the criminal complaint to the County Attorney’s Office of the Republic of Croatia, or until May 6, 2022, reported their claims, amounted to 47,208,457.35 USD.

EVIDENCE No. 4: Excel spreadsheet containing victims’ information who are citizens of other countries on 06.05.2022

Since the filing of the criminal complaints to the County Attorney’s Office of the Republic of Croatia, the victims have continued to report their claims, resulting in a total of 2,232 victims reporting their losses as of May 5, 2023. These victims have authorized us to represent them in this case, including nine citizens of the Republic of Croatia. The total amount for which our represented clients have been defrauded amounts to 257,438,701.47 USD.

EVIDENCE No. 5: Excel spreadsheet containing information of all victims on 29.05.2023. totaling 2232



The perpetrators have committed the extended criminal offense of Fraud as co-perpetrators (conspiracy to defraud), according to Article 236, Paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Croatia.

This criminal offense was committed through the following companies established during the period from 2018 to 2021, on the territories of European Union countries, offshore zones, and other countries such as Malta, British Virgin Islands, Vanuatu, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, and others.

–             Jubilee Ace (,
–             Jenco (,
–             Jubilee Group and Aqua Lab established as a subsidiary trading company of Jubilee Group Limited, and
–             Globalitystics Tech Research (GTR)
By establishing these companies, perpetrators created an illusion of legitimacy in their business operations with the aim of misleading the victims of this fraud.

The perpetrators, through the internet, their websites, presentations via the ZOOM platform, and by organizing personal meetings worldwide, falsely represented their companies, concealing facts about the legitimacy and legality of their operations and the possession of authorizations and licenses they, in fact, did not possess, which are necessary for engaging in trading on stock exchanges. Through these actions, they misled the victims and persuaded them to invest their money, resulting in the loss of these assets. The victims were initially instructed to open an account on the company’s website, and then they were encouraged to invest money.

The victims thus became investors and clients of the companies by purchasing electronic software that provides financial services, replacing the role of a stock exchange broker, specifically in cryptocurrency trading. They were promised monthly profits ranging from 4% to 15% of their invested capital, with minimal risk.

Initially, the perpetrators fulfilled their promise of profit by making payouts in the form of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, after some time, issues and delays arose in the payout process, for reasons that were not transparent to the victims. The victims did not receive a clear explanation of the exact situation regarding the payouts. The suspects reassured the affected investors that the payouts would continue and kept them in the dark until they opened a new company, Jenco Limited. At that point, the perpetrators conditioned the victims to reinvest their funds and transfer their electronic accounts from the Jubilee Ace website to the new company, Jenco. The perpetrators made the payout of the promised profit contingent upon the victims executing the account transfer and depositing fresh funds.

To be continued……..


In accordance with the law, all suspected individuals have the presumption of innocence until a legally binding verdict is reached. For this reason, full names and other details that would violate this legal presumption of innocence cannot be disclosed in public announcements. Additionally, we cannot publish information that could negatively impact the ongoing legal proceedings.

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law