Dear Clients,

As you know, we’re managing this case alongside the Jubilee Ace, Jenco, and GTR cases, collectively referred to as the Jubilee Group. Our investigations have unveiled a connection between these cases. Considering that the Jubilee Group case was initiated earlier and is currently in an advanced stage of investigation, it would be beneficial to associate the 3Key Lyra case with it.

We have filed a criminal complaint across multiple jurisdictions in the Jubilee Group case. Furthermore, we’ve forwarded the complaint to Europol, which acts as a central organization for European national police forces, enhancing coordination and combating international crime. Provided below is an excerpt from said criminal complaint:

… Jubilee Ace Limited was investigated by the Japanese financial authorities due to suspicions of money laundering and a lack of necessary licenses to conduct business. The company promised a prompt resolution to the issue, but its operations were completely halted. Subsequently, the payment of profits to the victims was discontinued. Since November 2020, the company’s operations have not resumed, and the victims have been unable to access their accounts or dispose of their funds.

EVIDENCE No. 10: Jubilee Ace Limited Commentary

As a solution to the crisis that befell Jubilee Ace Limited, an idea emerged for a new project called “Jenco,” which serves as a continuation of the concept and project previously conducted through the trading company Jubilee Ace Limited.

Jenco Limited, a company established in Hong Kong in 2020, represented a continuation of this alleged fraud carried out by the same individuals behind the Jubilee Ace project. Offering arbitrage trading and featuring an almost identical concept and model, Jenco retained the victims who were required to invest money in order to transfer their accounts from Jubilee Ace to Jenco and continue using the digital platform. Just like before, the victims were led to believe that they would profit according to the promises made to them, although it was yet another part of the deception.

EVIDENCE No. 11: Jenco Tech Limited registration documents…

Zoran Miljakovic
Attorney at Law